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They did. 

We do.

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Our Project

Each year, the new class of Orange Jackets takes on a Tap Project in order to improve our community or raise awareness for an issue that is salient in our society. The Tap Class of 2018 wanted to take this opportunity to address the racial and gendered history of The University of Texas at Austin in a 3 Part Campaign called For Texas. This website represents the first part of the campaign: They Did. We know that in order to understand the systematic nature of some of the racial and gender issues UT faces today, it is important to understand its past. This website is a platform where people can access some of the extensive research and information on the history of UT as it pertains to race and gender. The information on this site is by no means an exhaustive representation of the long and nuanced history of UT. However, it is a start. It is an effort to acknowledge problematic parts of the school's history while highlighting those individuals and organizations that paved the way for more diversity, inclusion, access, and opportunity on UT's campus. With this knowledge comes the responsibility to continue pushing for change and educating others. We hope that you leave our site a little bit more informed and inspired to keep learning and growing, For Texas.


To learn more about the racial and gendered history of UT,

please check out the following resources: 

The Daily Texan
The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement 
Austin History Center

Submit a source/link HERE!

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